Who We Are

Who We Are

NursesProfile is an online recruitment platform where healthcare professionals and recruitment agencies connect.

We serve to create an avenue where hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies and migration agents connect with nurses, midwives and other healthcare professionals who wish to work abroad and within their home countries.

We make recruitment process and connectivity easy and credible for both healthcare professionals and recruitment organizations by ensuring that our site is used by qualified candidates and verified recruitment agents .

Our ideal clients are recruiters for hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies, educational institutions for nursing upgrade courses, nursing recruitment agents/agencies, migration agents, and other health focused organizations looking to recruit competent healthcare professionals to meet their needs.

Our goal is to improve the rate of recruitment and retention of nurses and midwives across the world and ensure that both recruiters and nurses and midwives in Africa and beyond are able to connect with each other successfully and satisfactorily, and to establish seamless transition during migration or work-related processes.