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Do you represent a hospital or facility in need of nursing professionals? We offer access to the largest network of healthcare professionals in Africa and across the world.

NursesProfile is uniquely positioned to provide nurse staffing solutions to meet a variety of needs. We use our innovative processes to ensure reduced inefficiencies in the staffing process; our platform is designed to help our clients significantly reduce costs in the area of recruitment and staffing by connecting directly to the candidates of their choices after exploring candidate’s profile.

Our clients receive highly qualified, reliable, motivated professionals who are committed to helping meet your facility’s needs.

We reduce traveling costs for recruiters, schools and employers who often than usual visit Africa and other parts of the world in search of Nurses and Midwives who meets their needs. Now with NursesProfile, all these can be done just in a click of a button.

Meeting your Needs

To ensure we connect you with the healthcare candidates that best suit your needs, NursesProfile provides a high level of personalized service. Once your profile is created, we assist you all the way with our ever ready support services, online chat, and all the links you may need to meet your needs. We ensure that all information provided by our candidates are verified before we approve their profiles.

Clinical Expertise

We have an internal corporate team of nurses that enables us to meet and understand the specific technical and clinical needs of both our healthcare professionals and our clients. Our service team offers the highest quality staffing solutions by supplying experienced professionals who are thoroughly screened, credentialed and clinically pre-qualified.

A Flexible Project

We deliver a customized staffing solution to your organization. For some customers, we serve as an agent by providing group purchasing services such as locum nurses, part time staff etc. In other cases, we serve as a contracting entity, working on-site to manage the entire staffing process. In either case, we aggressively act on behalf of our customers in order to drive results.

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Immigration Candidate Matching

We help our recruiters who are constantly seeking for qualifies nurses planning to migrate to other countries from Africa. NursesProfile platform assists the recruiters with matching profiles based on requests. The recruiters can also search our Platform using some set criteria such as Exams passed by candidate (NCLEX, CBT, IELTS, OSCE), years of experience, areas of specialty etc. This saves the employers and recruiters lots of stress by picking these candidates directly from NursesProfile platform as we possess a huge rage of nurses from varieties of specialty background.

Easy to use

To help make your recruitment experiences better we have designed our platform in such a way that Candidates can add recruiters to wish list and recruiters can follow or un-follow candidates, Agency can see how many candidate reach to them , Agencies can save candidate  and chat with candidate, profiles of candidates are visible to all recruiters, Recruiters get emails once a candidate wants to connect to connect with them, Nurses can search for recruiters , and we have a multiple Language Support system.

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