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Recruitment cannot be any easier with NursesProfile, the conventional way of recruitment is to allow the job seekers find the recruiters, this makes the recruitment process slow and somewhat boring. At NursesProfile, not only that we have made it interactive right from the beginning, we have created different product packages to help you reach your candidates as quick as possible and subsequently fill your positions as fast as you wish. Read through  our flexible products and services and click here to login to your account if you are an existing user or click here to register is you are a new user to enjoy our products.

Job Postings

Employers can post job openings on NursesProfile that are regularly visited and reviewed by candidates seeking all types of employment from full-time to Locum. Job seekers find opportunities by searching a variety of criteria such as position preferences, job type, and location. An organization’s complete list of job openings can be viewed through their Employer Profile as well. The applicants can be directed to your website based on the product the client choose or sent to an email address in order to drive traffic to your current method of receiving applications. Clients can take advantage of our featured Jobs products

Job Alert (email blast)

Clients’ job postings and events are emailed to those candidates in our database having backgrounds/qualifications suitable for the opportunity. Typically, candidates respond almost instantaneously. We also have other packages where client can choose to blast to all nurses/candidates on our database and or to selected specialties:

Research Employers

Candidates interested in learning more about our clients may go to the Research Employers section of our site to view Employer Profile Pages. Organizations have (1) a logo, (2) a direct link to the web page of choice, (3) an organizational description, and (4) a direct link to all the jobs postings. This Profile Page is way to educate candidates about your institution or organization , this profile helps candidates and our platform visitors to learn more about your activities as well as what you offer as your products.

Sponsored Blog

Sponsor a blog post about your organization or recruitment firm and employer and we will feature it on our blog for as long as you wish. Clients can choose to write about their products and services. Their process of recruitment, their important news and how to use their agencies

Assistant Recruiter Program

The “Assistant Recruiter Program” enables NursesProfile to act as an “assistant recruiter” and conduct candidate outreach on our client’s behalf. We consult with the recruiter to obtain the necessary information regarding the positions they wish to fill and then email candidates highlighting the jobs using our channels of communication with our candidates. The only obligation is to review the results and update NursesProfile recruitment team on new developments in order to ensure we serve the client better. With the “Assistant Recruiter Program”, we will do the work for you! To send all qualified candidates to you based on your request. We Interview and recruit on your behalf

Premier Partners

Organizations can be further showcased with a logo placement within the Research Employers section of NursesProfile. The logo links to the overall Employer Profile Page. We place your logo on our website and link it to all our pages as well as NP sister blogs. As a Premier partner you get any of our product and services without extra costs.

Featured Employers

Organizations may choose to have further exposure within this prime real estate on the home page. A branding logo and special link to the Profile Page is a sure way to drive even more traffic to the application process. Be on our Featured recruiter drop down tab and page and linked to your banner to your website

Home Page Spotlight

Organizations have the ability to capitalize on this front and center branding opportunity to gain maximum exposure to visitors and candidate as well as engage out community of healthcare professionals.

Sponsored and Featured Jobs

Make your hard to fill positions stand out on the home page and/or at the top of job search results and watch them get filled in no time! We constantly move your sponsored or featured jobs to our candidates profile pages and on all our social media handles in order to attract the required candidates for those positions.

Banner Advertising

Employers can enhance their presence throughout NursesProfile with site banner ads id different categories. And other banner sizes and types Small size, Medium ,Large ,Flash banner ,Newsletter banner/in-post banner

Employers Tour

For employers, we make it easier for you to choose the right recruitment agencies to engage with your recruitment. We give you access to the Recruitments agencies profile and send you requested information directly to your email.

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